2015 New Freon CFC HFC Halogen Gas Refrigerant Leak Detector Air Conditioning R22a R134a Gas Analyzers in Gas Analyzers from Tools

2015 New Freon CFC HFC Halogen Gas Refrigerant Leak Detector Air Conditioning R22a R134a Gas Analyzers in Gas Analyzers from Tools
2015 New Freon CFC HFC Halogen Gas Refrigerant Leak Detector Air Conditioning R22a R134a Gas Analyzers in Gas Analyzers from Tools
2015 New Freon CFC HFC Halogen Gas Refrigerant Leak Detector Air Conditioning R22a R134a Gas Analyzers in Gas Analyzers from Tools
2015 New Freon CFC HFC Halogen Gas Refrigerant Leak Detector Air Conditioning R22a R134a Gas Analyzers in Gas Analyzers from Tools

Product Specification

Brand Name: SNDWAY

DIY Supplies: Electrical

Gas Type: Halogen Gas

With LCD Screen Or Not: Yes

Model Number: WJL-6000


WJL-6000 type electron halogen leak detector is the company using the latest leak detection technology, for your dedication to the launch of a practical new products. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, stable and reliable performance,exquisite design, economic type halogen leak detection equipmentideal.                  


Function characteristics:


All the halogen refrigerant detection;


Adjust the sensitivity at any time, automatically adjust to the bestdetection instrument can be; equipped with high precision voltage regulator IC, and the use of ultra low power design, make the work more stable, better battery life;


Two color indicates the battery voltage;


Using high quality sensor, sensitivity high, long life expectancy


The voltage of the battery indicator:


Indicator panel for the front-end of warning leakage and batteryvoltage indication.


Green battery voltage is normal, is suitable for the job


Orange - battery voltage close to the working limit, need to bereplaced as soon as possible


Power on reset / automatic tracking circuit:


WJL-6000 is a power on reset and automatic follow function, can ignore the concentration level of halogen gases in the environment.


The power on reset: this instrument after startup, then in the 6Sautomatic adjustment circuit to ignore the probe current


Refrigerant concentration, into the detection state, user such as the boot in leakage source side, square


He looked for the source of the leak in higher concentrations. The instrument can also start to clean air, to the tune of


The whole to maximum sensitivity at higher concentration levels,zero leakage can be detected.


Automatic following circuit: in this instrument in detecting state,automatic circuit will follow in brine


Dynamic changes of gas concentration, to prevent false alarm.


Sensitivity adjustment:


This product has the sensitivity stepless adjustment function, can be adjusted at any time when detecting.


Leakage alarm:


When the gas leakage was found, "didi" sound will become morerapid, leakage, "didi" sound more rapidly. At the same time indicator light flash.


The performance index:


Working temperature: 0  ~ 52  maximum sensitivity: the halogenrefrigerant, 6gr/yr


Battery life: under normal use of about 50 hours: the instantaneousresponse time


Methods: unlimited probe rod length: 20cm


Size: 22.9cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm preheating time: about 6 seconds


Reset time: 2-10 second power supply: 6 V DC, section 4 7 battery of high quality


Scope of application:


Not only can be used in automobile air conditioning system, alsocan be used in:


to detection of air-conditioning, refrigeration system, refrigerantreclaiming device. Halogen gas instrument for all (including chlorine and fluorine) reaction, but is not limited to these:


CFCs e.g.R12, R11, R500, R503 etc...


HCFCs e.g.R22, R123, R124, R502 etc...


HCFCs e.g.R134a, R404a, R125 etc...


Can also detect other compounds, such as AZ-50, HP62, MP39,etc...


Ethylene oxide gas leak detection of medical equipment (detectionof halogen propeller);


The detection of high voltage circuit breaker SF-6;


The detection of fluorine, chlorine, bromine (most halogen gas);


The detection of Halon gas fire extinguishing system.      undefined










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